Nam Du - summer tourist paradise in Vietnam

Located in the Gulf of Thailand entire territory of the province of Kien Giang, Nam Du archipelago with romantic beaches and clear blue pristine beauty is the top destination choice for many travelers.

Beach scene died in the dawn. This is the island's main seaport Cu Tron - the largest island Nam Du archipelago. Focus area houses, restaurants and guesthouses for tourists.

Nam Du - summer tourist paradise in Vietnam
Only 1km from the beach is the beach Ngu died Games, known for King Gia Long story had to go through and stay here. Like Chet beach area, beach Ngu populated mainly fishing villages live with a few small rocks. However, not many tourists come here to swim or rest.

When the sun up, the waters around Cu Tron blue dye. On the road to the lighthouse Nam Du, you can stop back to see the full slope of the sea.

From royal beach area, travelers will add about 4 km further to the beach Lovers (Lovers tree park). This is the most beautiful beach on the island of Cu Tron. Enclosed in a deep sea to the mainland, relatively calm Lovers beach suitable for bathing pleasure travelers.

Lovers Tree is a bay beach, blue sea with an area of 600 m2 fit in the Gulf of Thailand.
Lovers of the beach scene as being more impressive with boats lying dormant on the beach. The boat ruins as ingrained in the sand, with rocks and water make up a picture of wild nature.

Cu Tron left the island, visitors tour the island discoveries begin with than the color. This is considered the island with the most beautiful natural scenery in South Du.

These people have to transport than the color on the furniture, goods coming from the main island. Children on the island difficult to sail to the island of Cu Tron to go to school, should have the status of children not in school or drop out of school.

Weather Nam Du in the dry season to maintain high temperatures. Thus, the sky is always blue, suitable for travel. The ideal time to go is from December Nam Du to March every year, the weather is beautiful and the sea is relatively quiet.

Before you join the snorkeling at Hon Hai Bo Dam. This is where there are the most beautiful coral reef Nam Du archipelago with tropical fishes colorful.

Legendary iced coffee of Saigon

Across the alley to major roads in the city, you can easily catch sight coffee stick in people's lives over the years.

Today, enjoying a cup of coffee in Saigon became a characteristic culture, expressed through processing, to enjoy. This culture was formed quite early since the French set foot in Vietnam.
Not until the late 19th century and early 20th century, many coffee shops in the city appear more under the control of the Vietnamese. Special drinks are now widely known, Amnesty indoor bar, sidewalk there. To this day, many old address is still preserved and serve the people of the city looking for memories of the old times.

Legendary iced coffee of Saigon

The bitter taste of black glass stones

Coffee in the South in general and in particular Saigon hidden love of nature, in the way of enjoying themselves. This is a unique culture contribute culinary identity in this land.

Iced coffee is one of the unforgettable images for many people who live or have the time to stick with Saigon land. If older people prefer pure bitter taste, then there are some who prefer to feel a little more milk sweet aftertaste.

There are many ways for a cup of coffee, depending on how processed in each place where the drink taste different. Standard position of a cup of coffee is hard to determine because there are many different ways of processing. So depending on how the star laced, mixing spices and roasting process which will produce its own flavor.

In ancient times, roast corn also add a little taste, a few drops of fish sauce, right, small pieces of butter to create a different taste. Today, many people believe that coffee is to keep you clean without mixing any other spices. Either way, how important is each person to enjoy and accept how.

In addition, a phase also affects partial to the taste when drinking. The traditional way is widely used now is to use the coffee pot. Besides, how to use the racquet maker is still keeping many places.

Today, the coffee market is growing, the more types of birth in order to serve the needs of people enjoy. If looking for memories of the old days, you can enjoy a cup of coffee is poured by the racket. When drinking, you will realize your own being.

In particular, the coffee will taste better when taken with finely crushed ice or rock are crushed ice krill, not often seen. In addition, a thorough preparation for processing water for coffee is a very important part of. As in many places, the water smells should be very easy to change the taste of coffee.

Coffee style of Saigon

Two rainy season in this land of sunshine creates a unique character in the way of people enjoying the city. If as in the North, drinking coffee in winter is to find some warmth in Saigon the summer you will encounter someone is traveling, turned into a bar or café to buy a cup of coffee, drink fast a breath and go. This is simply how to enjoy when they do not have time.

Or you can easily catch sight sounded familiar in the morning, the middle-aged man sitting in front of the chair lift is often called an iced coffee or milk ice and a couple of cigarettes puffed. Daily stories of neighbors or the hot news on a newspaper familiar with the taste of coffee will make a morning full of energy. Do not know ever since, the sipping bitter coffee that is how many people here to start a new day.

Anyone can find a favorite beverage. Iced coffee, but still have a special place for many people important. Sound next vehicle always bustling Saigon, iced coffee still outstanding life stories along with the laughter of young crispy or smoke soar by those who have years of age. It still is a "myth" to persist over time.

Nail island - sea paradise par Maldives

Located south of Phu Quoc, an island brings Nail romantic beauty with turquoise coastline of white sands and crystal under the shady coconut trees.

Our country has beaches stretching from the South to the North, so that when it comes to the beach in the blue "pearl", many people often only think of Bali, the Maldives, or Saloem Koh Rong.

Nail island - sea paradise par Maldives
However when looking to Nail island, we were truly amazed at the beauty of this island. After years of "steamrolled" the coastal path, the beautiful islands, large and small in Vietnam, we can say that the island Nails are not inferior to other popular beach paradise.

Nail island located in the south, from Phu Quoc island district about 14 km. Journey to discover our starting Thoi port, of An Thoi town, Phu Quoc. Departing early from Duong Dong town, our province along the highway 46 to get to the port. From here, heading up the canoe to go to the island.

Cano started the engine, slowly into the ocean. Everyone becomes exciting and excited when the canoes rushed forward, tear the waves are rolling continuously. In parallel it is the screams amused when the driver deliberately for crab folding canoes, bypass boats anchored along the small island on the road.

After nearly 30 minutes of play the "rollercoaster" on canoes fiving Nail island with lush green coconut trees and turquoise beach out front. Everyone everyone "gasp" and is overwhelmed by the beauty of this island.

Sea water here has a clear blue color jade unlike watercolor of destinations usually through editing or narrated by other figurative reality. Drop yourself under the blue water of the sea and cool, all seemed tired evaporate, everyone's body is relaxing ... to "every centimeter".

After bathing, we went for a walk to take photos and explore around the island. It would be a major shortcoming if you do not bring a fishing rod under. For boats along the north side of the island, we started dropping the spoils and after nearly an hour as two fresh sea fish basket.

Eat and rest for a while, we boarded canoes waters off the island about 5 minutes by boat to snorkeling. Waters where there are large rocks with bizarre shapes. For canoe stopped, people jumped into the sea and began the journey to explore its oceans.

After a day full of fun at this point the way also is gradually released. We enlist both the crowd back to the beach to watch the sunset. We silently looked toward the horizon, all the chaos, worries vanish, leaving only empty sea and the sunset on the horizon far away. Feeling strangely soothing.

Goodbye island, we appointment one day will return. Nail is a pristine island, so visiting here should have heightened awareness in preserving the environment and landscape.


Cafe with lots of green pots in Saigon

With a modern layout, style drinks Europe, Oromia is the ideal destination for those looking for a place to relax after a week engrossed in work or study.

Is separated in an alley on Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Street (District 3), cafes attract many young Oromia Saigon is not only space but also impressed by the peace and light which brings consistency.

Cafe with lots of green pots in Saigon

It brought the appearance of a Western coffee shop with exquisite architectural features, elegant colors but not too fussy. Besides, the bar also provides a feeling of closeness to nature for the customers in the bar when everywhere are covered by the green of the trees.

Even the first steps into the restaurant, you've caught a fish pond with stone walkways keys for feeling lost in unspoiled natural place. On the tables are always decorated the pot shop, flowers to create eye-catching highlights.

It attracted many people to shop longer by pretty small cats are free to travel every corner. If you are someone who likes cats, you can come and play with them or watching from a distance.

In addition, it must have anyone to shop will also feel it is a comfortable, peaceful feeling, apart from the noise, bustle of the city. Soothing space with white as the main colors, add tables dotted with wooden chairs to create intimacy, pillow and friendly.

The bar has two floors divided into two main areas: the outside and inside. You can easily choose a seat suitable for open space or private outside inside. This is the appropriate meeting place for meetings friends or couples on weekends or evenings cool.

Guests often choose to shop outside seating to enjoy the cool air without hearing any sound of traffic noise.

Quan also scored by the romantic songs are open continuously. Whether sitting inside or outside, you will hear his tunes. At night, when the yellow lights are lit, you will step into a different world completely different.

The menu of the restaurant is very diverse with many drinks, dishes guarantee diners serve the needs, from the traditional type of coffee to grind stone dishes, so-skin youthful style, catch coins incense. Thanks to the ingenuity and creativity in food processing, beverages should shop always satisfy guests.

Dining experience in Vietnam

Many restaurants in Hanoi is located behind someone's door, the bartender will serve food for you right in the family living room.

Below are great tips when dining promotion in Vietnam's Chris and Danika:
Pho is called in the North are very different from the pho at Saigon. Food culture is also very different in each place, in Hanoi, eating places are usually crowded roadside restaurant, small, independent. At Central, we may find the market more focused cuisine. Saigon fell, busiest city, every food can be found on the same street cuisine.

Dining experience in Vietnam

Daring adventure.

Many restaurants in Vietnam (especially Hanoi) did not look like a normal restaurant. Occasionally, some restaurants are located behind the door for someone, they will catering for your family right in your living room. Many eateries around the trolley only crank with a grill in the summer. We used several times toward the people who are sitting on plastic chairs in summer eating, ordered food like them and have a really great meal.

Local learning

A golden rule is applicable in most parts of the world, especially in Vietnam, which is never in the Western diner as his only guest. Such restaurants are usually very clean, but the price is expensive, but the quality was not outstanding. Have the courage to follow the locals, stop at a crowded diner natives. Do not be too worried because they do not have a menu translated into English, please look at the delicious dishes seem most eyes, or is the most widely known and used body language expressions for sellers. Places like this always have good food with native flavors that price is only a fraction compared to the restaurants for tourists.

Do not expect to menu

By the majority in Vietnam sidewalk restaurant only serves a single dish, for example, only sells pho shop, usually only sell noodle ... You could just grab a chair turned away and in less than 30 seconds will be people bring a dish in front of you something of the restaurant, be it noodles, fried noodles, skewers ...

Drink beer

Vietnam is very hot so a beer will help you refreshments immediately. In the summer you can see the beer is sold everywhere. We bought beer from an elderly woman, sitting at the bar prior sale. The couple sitting next to her on plastic chairs, watching people pass by. Beer in Vietnam is very cheap, very tasty further.

But do not just drink beer bottle, try beer, a local beer is very cheap in Vietnam. These two words mean "beer", that is, we'll be drinking beer straight from the tap text, they are baked and sold out the morning on the day, to drink with lots of ice. Feeling beer breath was hot and humid during the day here.

9 món ngon vang danh đất Nam Định - Du Lịch Biển

9 món ngon vang danh đất Nam Định

Nam Định tuy có diện tích không lớn nhưng văn hóa ẩm thực rất phong phú, với những món ăn đơn giản, mộc mạc như chính con người. Ngoài phở bò, Nam Định còn nổi tiếng với món bún đũa, xôi xíu, bánh nhãn và kẹo sìu châu...

Phở bò

Nhắc đến Nam Định, nhiều du khách nhớ đến món phở bò gia truyền ngon nổi tiếng, đặc biệt là phở bò áp chảo. Ngày nay món ăn được phổ biến rộng rãi ra toàn quốc nhưng ở Nam Định phở bò vẫn có nét đặc trưng không thể lẫn. Bánh phở Nam Định sợi nhỏ mềm, nước dùng ngọt thơm với bí kíp riêng của từng gia đình. Thịt bò được thái mỏng đập dập, nhúng rồi vớt ra ngay để giữ được độ tươi ngon và chất dinh dưỡng của thịt. Phở Đán phố Hai Bà Trưng, phở Tại đường Điện Biên, phở bò xốt vang quán Xuyến ngõ Văn Nhân, phở bò cụ Tặng phố Hàng Tiện... đều là những quán phở gia truyền ngon nổi tiếng Nam Định.

Bánh xíu páo

Bánh xíu páo là một trong những thức quà ngon, rất dân dã của người Hoa trước đây sống trên phố Khách, nay là phố Hoàng Văn Thụ, Lê Hồng Phong.

9 món ngon vang danh đất Nam Định

Xíu páo có vỏ như bánh nướng nhưng mềm và thơm hơn, có thể bóc ra từng lớp mỏng. Nguyên liệu làm bánh chủ yếu gồm bột mì, thịt, trứng, bột, mỡ lợn và một số gia vị đặc trưng tùy theo cách làm gia truyền của mỗi gia đình. Để bánh ngon, người ta thường ướp thịt lợn thăn với tỏi băm, ngũ vị hương, dầu hào, mật ong rồi đem rán cho đến khi chuyển sang màu cánh gián và thơm nức. Đã từ lâu bánh xíu páo luôn là món quà sáng quen thuộc của rất nhiều thế hệ học sinh Thành Nam.

Xôi xíu

Món xôi xíu Nam Định là món ăn gồm xôi trắng dùng kèm với thịt xá xíu, lạp xưởng và nước sốt sệt sệt thơm đặc biệt. Một bát xôi được dọn ra vẫn còn nghi ngút khói. Trộn đều xôi lên, thưởng thức một miếng bạn sẽ cảm nhận ngay được nhiều hương vị hòa quyện, dẻo thơm của nếp, lạp xưởng ngậy bùi, xá xíu mềm ngọt, sốt thịt thơm mùi tiêu. Những phố nổi tiếng với món xôi xíu nằm trên đường Hoàng Văn Thụ, Hàng Sắt… là gợi ý cho bạn.

Nem nắm Giao Thủy

Nem nắm Giao Thủy cầu kỳ ở khâu chế biến. Ngay sau khi mổ, miếng thịt còn nóng hổi được chế biến ngay, tuyệt đối không được đặt xuống đất hay rửa bằng nước lạnh thịt mất độ dẻo, ngon. Sau khi lọc bì và nạc riêng rẽ, phần thịt nạc được luộc chín tới hoặc còn hơi tái, rồi thái to bản, dọc thớ những phải thật mỏng, rồi dùng sống dao dần cho mềm. Còn phần bì, được làm lông bằng nước nóng, luộc rồi lạng mỏng, thái nhỏ sao cho dài, trắng và đều. Nem được vo nắm tròn và gói lại nên khi ăn phải làm tơi ra và cuốn vào lá sung hoặc chấm mắm trực tiếp.

Bún đũa

Bún đũa Nam Định trông gần giống bánh canh ở miền Nam, với sợi to như đầu đũa, trắng muốt, là món ăn thường được bày bán ở vỉa hè. Nước dùng dành cho bún đũa là vị riêu cua, hơi chua, béo ngậy và ngọt đậm. Nồi riêu cua bao giờ cũng đượm màu vàng của mỡ phi hành, chút gạch cua óng ánh, một ít ớt khô chưng. Mặt nồi riêu bao giờ cũng nổi chìm lập lờ từng mảng gạch cua, mới trông đã thấy xôm xốp, ngọt ngào. Bún đũa ăn kèm rau mùa nào thức nấy, có thể là rau muống, rau cải hay rau rút... hoặc thêm một ít giá sống. Những địa chỉ quen thuộc cho món ăn này là ở chợ Ngõ Ngang, chợ Rồng hay phố Hàng Đồng.

Bánh nhãn

Tên gọi bánh nhãn không phải do làm từ nhãn tươi, mà xuất phát từ hình thù của bánh, vàng và tròn như quả nhãn, được làm từ những nguyên liệu truyền thống như gạo nếp Hải Hậu, trứng gà, đường kính, mỡ lợn... Gạo nếp xay hoặc giã thành bột, trộn với trứng gà tươi, nặn thành từng viên nhỏ và chiên vừa lửa, với đường trắng tạo thành "lớp áo" bên ngoài. Bánh có vị thơm của trứng, vị ngọt dẻo của nếp, vỏ ngoài hơi giòn giòn, là món ăn chơi rất thú vị khi thưởng thức cùng trà.

Bánh cuốn làng Kênh

Bánh cuốn làng Kênh được làm từ gạo dẻo, bột không được ngâm quá lâu vì bánh sẽ chua, nhão, khi tráng thoa một lớp bột mỏng nhưng đều. Muốn bánh có độ dai, mỏng và giòn, để lâu bánh không bị cứng thì pha một lượng nhỏ bột dong. Trước đây khi tráng bánh người ta thường xếp bánh trên lá sen hoặc lá chuối trông rất ngon mắt và chấm không với nước mắm. Ngày nay, khi ăn người ta thường cho thêm vài lát chả quế thơm để đậm vị. Món ăn qua bao đời vẫn được người làng Kênh gìn giữ để hương vị không đổi theo thời gian, chiều lòng được cả những vị khách khó tính nhất.

Kẹo sìu châu

Theo người dân Nam Định, tên kẹo Sìu Châu đã có từ lâu đời và gắn liền với một cửa hàng làm kẹo có tiếng ở bến sông Vị Hoàng. Nguyên liệu làm kẹo rất đơn giản gồm lạc, vừng, đường, mạch nha. Vừng và lạc được rang chín sẽ tách vỏ, sẩy cho thật sạch. Nấu đường với mạch nha trên bếp to lửa, khi hỗn hợp đường sôi lên thì cho lạc và vừng vào đảo đều tay sao cho tất cả quyện lấy nhau. Đổ hỗn hợp kẹo còn nóng lên khay có bột nếp để chống dính và cán mỏng, cắt thành từng miếng nhỏ cho vừa miệng. Để nấu được kẹo, người thợ cần phải có đôi tay tinh tế, biết điều chỉnh nhiệt độ của bếp và đong đếm đủ vị.

Cá nướng úp chậu

Những ngày đầu xuân năm mới, nếu vào bất cứ gia đình nào tại Nam Định, bên cạnh những món ăn truyền thống, bạn sẽ được gia chủ mời một món ăn rất đặc biệt, đó là món cá tươi nướng úp chậu. Cá sẽ được nướng qua sức nóng từ chiếc chậu úp lên, không phải nướng trực tiếp trên lửa như bình thường. Khi chín phần da cá vàng ươm, giòn dai như mực nướng, phần thịt rất chắc và ngọt.

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